What's Terry About

Welcome to my Members Coaching Area where there are many ideas and possibilities that we can create together.  I am an educated explorer of truth, digging deeply into finding the source to make your life easier.  I serve multiple markets and interests, and I use one core theme to everything I do; I ‘inspire aspirations’ with you and/or your team to WIN by your standards.

My life has been a series of different learning experiences.  Each piece has been part of the building blocks from which I stand.  The biggest block is systems theory, which states simply, everything is influenced by the systems that surround it. 

Being coached is about exploring; asking the right questions to get the right answers.  I do not have to be right; my job is to be open to let the discussion take on a life of its own without barriers to hold one back.  If your vision is to play big in your world, having a coach to walk along with you is essential to not miss anything.  That's why I do this… it is me!

Look around and if you have not been to my website www.terryschaefer.com, please go to see some of the interesting offerings that assist people and teams to excel.  As one of my elders told me once,  “if you not having fun, your not living!”. I look forward to talking to you soon.


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